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For several years, Pittsburgh Kilts produced hand made, custom sewn kilts in the modern American style. While we are no longer marketing our kilts, we still want to help you make the escape from "trouser tyranny"! Find out why, and how you can join the kilted revolution.


Traditional Scottish kilts are made from a wool tartan material, taking up to 9 yards of heavy material. Recently, a new style of kilt has gained popularity in the United States, a style we'll call the "modern American style". These kilts are made from a solid or non-repeating patterned fabric. Because it's not a tartan, the pleats do not require the extra material to match up the tartan pattern (known as the "sett"). It is therefore possible to make a bigger pleat with much less material, producing a lighter and more comfortable kilt.

Craig Smith, professional heavy athlete, wearing black-with-flames Two-tone kilt
Craig Smith, professional heavy athlete, wearing
black-with-flames Pittsburgh Two-tone kilt


Andy's kilt.  (click for more pictures)
Andy's kilt.

Where to begin:

While Pittsburgh Kilts is no longer producing kilts, there are several great kilt makers out there where you can purchase a kilt.

If you are the hands-on type, you may want to try sewing your own kilt.

For more information, you can see the Frequently Asked Questions page.




Pittsburgh Kilts "Rogues Gallery":

Four pages of pictures of and by our customers.

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